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UPDATE: VA Comicon 2014 TMNT Exclusives

I just received the final details, along with a first look at the covers, for the TMNT Exclusives at the VA Comicon 2014 in Richmond, VA on Nov. 22-23, 2014.  I posted about these a while back (July 1 and August 6) but the details … Continued

The Ultra-Rare

Turtlemania Special 01 - SILVER 57 of 100_GCG 7.0_front_1st print (1986) TMNT Adult cover scan_rich Gobbledygook 01 - COUNTERFEIT BLUE_FRONT COVER (1984) Independent Comic Book Sampler 02_Limited Edition_front (September 1988) Gobbledygook 01_1st print_FRONT COVER (1984)