Assalto al Treno – Tales of the TMNT Special

If you haven’t seen this yet, check out the newly released (digital-only) “Tales of the TMNT Special” (aka Assalto al Treno) which contains pages previously published only in Italian.  Details of the book, published by Nortock Diab, are below.

Welcome to this Tales of the TMNT Special and let me get you a glimpse of the story behind it.
Everything started with 10 original pages I acquired 2 years ago.

These pages form a complete story entitled “Assalto al Treno” which was published in Italy in 1995
during the first Turtlemania. You’ll see the story is rather goofy (clearly inspired by the Fred Wolf
TV show depiction) yet beautifully rendered and quite intriguing in my opinion.

Following my acquisition of the original pages, I decided to translate them and share the translated
story so more fans would be able to enjoy it. To my knowledge it has never been published in
English nor even reprinted in Italy. Needless to say a B&W version was never released before now.

More than making “Assalto al Treno” available again, I also wished to add my touch to it.
Frontispiece and Epilogue pages were written and drawn to possibly give another tone to the story
and a cover was commissioned to lay the icing on the cake.
I hope you enjoy this book as much as I enjoyed crafting it.

– Nortock Diab 


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