Astro-Zombies TMNT Cover Contest – Submission Art Gallery

Hey everyone.  I’m going to start a post to display any Astro-Zombies TMNT cover contest art submissions I receive from readers.  Send them my way if you want yours listed.  Enjoy!

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  1. Kandou Erik

    Hey – awesome blog! I was able to use you’re site to familiarize myself with the new series of Turtle comics. (I didn’t jump on board when issue #1 came out – and with all the varients hitting the stands, it felt like I was missing years worth of issues. I thought they where double-publishing, like Marvel do these days. 12 issues much easier to catch up on.)

    • rich rich

      Thanks!! …and welcome. Glad you found it and that it’s useful to you. There’s for sure been a flurry of stuff in the past year. Let me know if you have any questions Thanks for visiting.


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