Astro-Zombies TMNT (IDW) Retailer Exclusive Cover Contest

Are you a TMNT fan?  Do you love the new TMNT comic books from IDW?  Do you aspire to be a comic book artist?  Can you draw our beloved Ninja Turtles in a way that would make Eastman & Laird proud?

If you answered yes to all of these questions then Astro-Zombies comic shop in Albuquerque, NM has the contest YOU NEED TO ENTER !!!  The contest winner’s art will be used for the FULL COLOR COVER of an upcoming TMNT (IDW) Astro-Zombies Retailer Exclusive (RE) comic book.  How cool is that?!!

Here’s the text from the article as shown in the news area of the Astro-Zombies site:

We have teamed up with IDW Publishing to bring you THE CONTEST of the YEAR!!! Draw a full color picture of the outside of our store featuring our COMIC sign and either our name from the front angle or our oval logo from the side angle and all 4 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. At the end of June we will pick a winner and that persons art will be used as a FULL COLOR COVER for an upcoming Astro-Zombies Exclusive issue of TMNT. Dont miss this great chance to get your foot in the door of the comic industry. Call or email for more details and good luck!!!

Now, I can’t draw anything more difficult than a stick figure so it’s up to all you “up-and-coming” Ninja Turtles artists out there to represent and make this Astro-Zombies RE cover the best Retailer Exclusive yet!   You’d better get started though…the contest is over at the end of June.

Best of luck !!  This is going to be AWESOME…

…and many thanks to blog-follower Dan for the scoop.   

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  1. Corey

    I just stumbled upon this by finding an artist’s entry for the contest on DeviantArt… Did anything ever come of this? I’ve never seen the winning cover actually get used… has it?


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