Batman/TMNT Adventures #1 – 2nd printing (IDW)

Along with today’s highly anticipated release of Batman/TMNT Adventures #1 from IDW comes the additional announcement of a 2nd printing that will be available on Nov. 23, 2016.  This addition makes for 22 variant covers to date for Batman/TMNT Adventures #1…check out all the covers here.  For ordering purposes, the Diamond code is SEP168240.

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2 Responses to “Batman/TMNT Adventures #1 – 2nd printing (IDW)”

  1. Matt R.

    Hey Rich, I was looking at the art zoomed in and noticed that the cover artist is actually Ben Bates, not Sommariva as solicited. His signature is between Donnie and the Nick logo.

    • rich rich

      Hey Matt…thanks for the head’s up on that. I guess we’ll have to see what comes out…a Ben Bates cover or Sommariva. 😉


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