BREAKING NEWS !! RE Cover for TMNT Micro-Series #4 Leonardo (IDW)

Greetings TMNT fans.  Well, we’re on the eve of the Infestation 2 TMNT #1 and the TMNT Micro-Series #2 Global Conquest (IDW) release and so it’s a fitting time to get some awesome TMNT Breaking News out there.  And here it is….

A fifth variant cover will be released for the TMNT Micro-Series #4 Leonardo from IDW.  This cover will be a Retailer Exclusive (RE) from with cover art by Matt Slay.  The back cover will be mostly blank for sketching purposes.  Details on how to purchase this edition are not yet known but it’s likely they’ll be available directly from and possibly the VA Comicon (as they are the co-operators of that con in Richmond, VA).  Keep an eye on the posting for the TMNT Micro-Series #4 Leonardo as I’ll update purchasing information there when it becomes known.  (FYI – I just now posted all the other Leonardo covers…)

Enjoy your first comics-release Wednesday of March !!

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