BREAKING NEWS!! TMNT (IDW) Micro-Series Donatello & Leonardo Artists

Here’s some advanced information regarding the upcoming Donatello & Leonardo TMNT Micro-Series comics from IDW.
  • Donatello – The artist for the Donatello Micro-Series will be Valerio Schiti.  The picture shown below is a pin-up of Donatello that Valerio did (but this is not planned to be the cover of any of the Don issues).  Valerio is a wonderful sequential artist who is also doing the Infestation 2 Dungeons & Dragons book.  Valerio also did the Infestation ‘prelude’ pages in the Infestation ashcan, though it should be noted that those were a very different style.  Now we know that the Donatello Micro-Series #1 is going to be one Schiti comic!   😉   (sorry, couldn’t resist, although I believe it’s actually pronounced “Skeety”…and I also can’t take credit for that clever little pun…but it made me laugh…)
  • Leonardo – Ross Campbell, the artist originally slated for the Donatello Micro-Series, is now expected to do the Leonardo Micro-Series in April.

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