BREAKING NEWS!! TMNT Micro-Series #4 Leonardo – Cover RE (Matt Slay)

Happy new comic release Wednesday everyone!  Today is the long-awaited release of the TMNT Micro #4 Leonardo from IDW.  You can check out all the cover variants for it here.

Speaking of cover variants, it’s been a while since we’ve seen a Retailer Exclusive (RE) cover for any of the IDW TMNT releases.  You may have seen my post a while back when I broke the news about the Leonardo RE cover by Matt Slay.  Well, since today is the official release day, it’s time to reveal the details about this very special RE edition.

  1. Matt Slay and Brett (from are both huge TMNT fans and partnered on this edition.  Brett is the retailer sponsoring the edition and Matt donated the use of the cover image (but gets a commission for each sketched cover he does).
  2. The cover stock for the book is extremely nice (similar to Vellum) and can take pencil and black ink very well…perfect for sketching and for Matt’s watercolor.
  3. Every book sold (CGC SS excepted) will ship in 4 mil Mylar sleeves with 42 pt boards for superior protection (and this is already included in the price).
  4. Each book sold will ship with a full color Certificate of Authenticity (COA).
  5. Here’s how these are going to be released for sale to the public, along with the quantity of each edition that will be available…

Matt Slay Artist Proof COA

  • 50 copies Matt Slay hand-drawn edition (available only via eBay listing – $49.95)…once these 50 copies near sell-out then the following two editions will go on sale concurrently
  • 99 copies  GOLD ink signed & numbered edition (available only via eBay listing – $19.95)
I’d like to personally thank Brett and Matt for bringing this special collectible to TMNT fans and collectors worldwide.  I know they both are putting up a lot of time and $$ to make this happen.  You both set out to make your first exclusive the finest TMNT collectible available while making sure to keep things as affordable as possible.  Well, mission accomplished…awesome work guys!

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  1. Stephan

    rich :
    1) the COA would be marked differently

    See, that’s just crap. Honestly, as long as they dont ream me with 20 variants every week, I’m ok with the occasional craziness because I love the hunt. And when they do variant covers, they’re DIFFERENT, so I don’t feel burned. Especially if it’s an artist I like.

    It’s just this issue in particular with their completely fabricated variants with which the book is NOT different that kills me. Especially with the hand-drawn and the artist proof where LITERALLY the only difference is a marking on a document that isn’t even actually physically part of the book.

  2. Stephan

    I’m still wrestling with how I feel about these “variants”. Rich, you know I have no problem buying every variant on the planet, but taking the exact same book, signing it in a different color, and calling it a new variant? That seems…pretty shady. If there were something different about each of the actual books, then fine. Heck, when IDW does their “signature” books, they at least have a book specific logo on the cover so that it isn’t just a signed version of the basic book.

    I dunno. Like I said, just feels like an underhanded move to me to directly take advantage of the completionist community.

    • Stephan

      Also, the artist proof run being twice the size of the hand-drawn variant run is pretty silly. Since the whole idea of artist proof runs is that there are supposed to be very few.

      And on that topic, what exactly is the difference between the artist proof and hand-drawn “variants”? Aren’t they both hand-drawn?

      • rich rich

        Hey Stephan, great to hear from you! I love the variants for the sake of collecting (as I know you do as well) as it’s in our blood. But I agree with you 100% and there’s no getting around it…it’s targeted to us “completists” for sure. But my feelings on this aren’t just limited to this edition or any specific edition for that matter…the entire comic book industry has gone totally crazy with variants and it’s for nothing other than profiteering. It will eventually kill off the fans again…there aren’t enough of us around that collect every single cover and variant to make it profitable forever. I’ve been picking up my TMNT comics on the day of release since the late 80’s starting with the early Mirage Vol. I series. I used to tell my LCS guy to just get a single copy of everything TMNT and that was that…I’d walk in each week and I always had what I needed. Now, this whole variant cover thing is just totally foreign to me…that’s the reason for keeping track of all the variants on this blog – I needed a way to ensure I wasn’t missing anything and I figured others would too. We got a glimpse of variants with the Creed/TMNT crossover in the 90’s but the 15+ covers for the IDW #1 are just insanity. And, Retailer Incentives for many of them which are just purely designed to artificially increase sales – that’s what I find shameful. And if you think that’s bad, have you seen that IDW is issuing 56 different covers for “Mars Attacks” in June? They offer a special package for collectors (of course) where you can get all variants AND an additional variant available only in that package (so there are 57 covers). Honestly, I’ve been thinking about writing a post about this because I’m getting kind of fed up with it. I’m keeping up for now but they’re going to “variant” me out of being interested in lining their pockets.

      • rich rich

        In regards to the diff. between the hand-drawn and artist proof, here’s how I understand it. 1) the COA would be marked differently and 2) the artist proof copies can get the CGC SS label as they worked a deal with them on that. The hand-drawn wouldn’t be able to ever have a SS label.

  3. Brett Carreras

    Hi, guys! I also wanted to thank Rich. He was very interested in knowing about this variant so he could bring the news to his blog readers. I also wanted to thank him for his words of encouragement. I am pleased to say we have sold out of the Sketch version, and have been selling the Silver and Gold versions swiftly today.

    Basically if we are able to sell the remaining Gold versions at this point, we will have covered most of our costs, and can discuss future high-end Retailer Exclusive variants. It’s all thanks to huge fans like Rich and the readers of his blog. Thanks, guys! I’m crossing my fingers that if we give this thing the absolutely BEST presentation, that we can do more of them in the future.

    Have a GREAT day, everyone!


    Brett Carreras
    owner of

    • rich rich

      Thanks Brett. It’s been great getting to know you and Matt better over the past few weeks and I look forward to the possibility of more REs from you in the future. So glad to see you’ve sold so many of the issues already (I know I’ve contributed to some of those 🙂 Looking forward to getting my issues in hand…they’ll make an awesome addition to my collection. Chat soon and thanks again for everything.

  4. Zoph

    Not gonna lie, absolutely love this blog. I check it religiously. Looking forward to future news and articles. If I didn’t check it earlier this morning, I would have never known about the 50 cover sketches. Amazing! Keep it up.

    • rich rich

      Thanks Zoph, appreciate the kind words and compliments…I love to hear that others find the blog useful. I have to keep up on all the TMNT comics news for my own collection so I figured this was a great way to keep track while also sharing with other great TMNT fans. Great to have you here!


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