BREAKING NEWS!!! TMNT Ultimate Collection, Vol. 1 HC LBCC B&W Variant

Hey everyone, I just picked up a copy of the TMNT Ultimate Collection, Vol. 1 HC Long Beach Comic Con B&W Variant edition directly from IDW’s web store for only $49.99 + shipping.

They must have only taken 50 of the 250 copies to sell at the Long Beach Comic Con which leaves 200 of these for sale RIGHT NOW directly from IDW’s web store!!!  Get them while they last and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

5 Responses to “BREAKING NEWS!!! TMNT Ultimate Collection, Vol. 1 HC LBCC B&W Variant”

  1. Matt

    i guess i was to hasty to purchase mine for 80 a few weeks ago, but glad i have it none the less

    • rich rich

      nah, you couldn’t have known there would be more of these…$80 is a great price for this regardless…I would have done the same


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