Comics Buyer’s Guide (CBG) #795

I just recently acquired a copy of Comics Buyer’s Guide (CBG) #795 and I just finished getting all the TMNT pages scanned for the website.  The issue itself is from Feb. 10, 1989  and the entire thing is devoted to the TMNT, Kevin & Peter, along with other Mirage staff and projects.  I really enjoyed going through it all (58 total pages containing TMNT) and I’ll have all of them on my site (along with many other CBG issues) when it launches later this summer.  However, I thought I’d share a couple pages from CBG #795 now just because they are really awesome.  Take a look and enjoy…pay special attention to that ad in the middle of Page 21.  Wow!

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4 Responses to “Comics Buyer’s Guide (CBG) #795”

  1. AJ

    Hi there, any chance of getting all scans – would love to read the whole issue. Thanks!

  2. Mike

    You think the person who sold both turtlemania gold books used that CBG ad for price determination? coincidence…

    • rich rich

      Could be…makes you wonder, doesn’t it? Although, I can’t imagine why someone would look at price from 25+ years ago and think that’s still the value today. I guess if you think it lost value maybe. We’ll probably never know…wish I subscribed to CBG back in those days.


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