New Additions !! TMNT Iron-Ons


TMNT Iron-Ons

Just last week I added some incredible items to my collection…four of the original seven t-shirt iron-ons from 1985; Turtles, Foot, & Shredder (T1), Raphael (T2), Leonardo (T5), & Turtles Logo (T7).  In addition, each one of them is signed by Turtles co-creator Kevin Eastman!  These iron-ons were originally advertised for mail order purchase in the back of later printings of TMNT #1 ($3 each + $0.50 postage).  These are near impossible to find anymore and, before last week, I’d never even seen any of the individual Turtles iron-ons before.  So, this is a huge find for me.  With the addition of these four, I now only need two more to complete the entire set: Donatello (T4) & Michaelangelo (T6).  So, if you have either of these two iron-ons just lying around (or know where they might be lying around), definitely let me know (use the ‘Contact Me’ form in the Blog sidebar).

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  1. MrP

    Congratulations! This is quite a find. These just don’t come to market very often at all. I was equally excited to add to my set last month (also missing just Don and Mike now). Good luck with the rest!


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