New Feature !! Newly Organized IDW TMNT Publications

Greetings TMNT fans!!  IDW has been publishing the TMNT for nearly 2 full years (can you believe it?) and with every month that passes, the IDW TMNT cover gallery grows larger and larger.  As the IDW TMNT database expands, the blog format has really made the usability a bit cumbersome.  In other words, it’s become very difficult to find a given TMNT title, issue, TPB, or HC on my blog…especially those TMNT publications from months and months back.

Well, all that is over now.  I’m pleased to announce that I’ve organized all the IDW TMNT Publications on my blog into 3 categories:  Comic Books, Trade Paperbacks (TPB), and Hardcovers (HC).  Within each of those categories you’ll find a list of every IDW TMNT Publication to date, neatly organized by title.  Within each title you’ll find the links to every single issue for that title, listed in order of publication date.

All of this newly designed awesomeness can be found on the right side of the menu bar at the top of the blog.  The menu is labeled “IDW TMNT Publications.”  Just mouse over the menu and watch the magic happen!

But enough talking about it…go give it a try !!

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  2. Michael Yuhasz

    Thanks for all your hard work it’s help me finish my collection!


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