TMNT #1 (IDW) – Eastman Sketch 1:50 Variant UPDATE

…another quick update for you on the Eastman 1:50 sketch variant cover for TMNT #1 from IDW (cover H in my TMNT #1 post) that we’re all anxiously awaiting .  I asked Bobby Curnow (from the IDW Publishing Forums) if he had another update on this variant cover and his response was as follows:

… no covers are being distributed until they are all complete…Heard back from Kevin, and the last 50 should be coming in Monday… so they should all be heading out into the world very shortly.

In another message, Bobby added this little tidbit:

All I can say is that they are great, and hopefully worth the wait.

I must say it again…thanks Bobby for the update on this and for being so receptive and in touch with the fans.

4 Responses to “TMNT #1 (IDW) – Eastman Sketch 1:50 Variant UPDATE”

  1. Dano

    Any idea when this issue is to released or if it has how might one find a copy of it?

    • rich rich

      Hey Dano, I’m not sure when this will be released but I’m pretty sure they’ve been completed and sent back to Diamond for distribution. I do know that there’s a big TMNT fan that’s close with Kevin and he’s received 4 copies of this edition directly from Kevin. You can read about it on the Technodrome Forums

    • rich rich

      Just found out that these are scheduled to be released by Diamond on Dec. 28…

  2. Chris Myers

    Its going to be interesting to see what these go for on ebay. I contacted a few shops here in L.A. and its hard to find a shop (even the large ones) that ordered 50 copies. I would love to track one down though. Thanks for the update!


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