TMNT #50 Cover RE Hero Initiative – Cover Gallery

Images of the TMNT #50 Cover RE Hero Initiative covers are starting to come in – each personally sketched by a different artist.  While the auctions for these covers are still TBD, I thought I’d collect all the cover images here to put them all in one place.  I’ll update every time I find more…see below for a full list of the artists whose covers are depicted here.  Enjoy!  UPDATE 05/18/2016:  All 100 TMNT #50 RE Hero Initiative covers will go up for auction on eBay June 14, 2016.

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  1. Aaron Sowd
  2. Adelso Corona
  3. Andy Smith
  4. Autumn Fredrickson
  5. Benjamin Glendenning
  6. Bill Sienkiewicz
  7. C.P. Wilson III
  8. Dan Brereton
  9. Dan Duncan
  10. Daniel Campos
  11. Danny Miki
  12. Dan Schoening
  13. Darick Robertson
  14. Dave Wachter
  15. Franco Aurelaini
  16. Gabriel Bá
  17. Gabriel Hardman
  18. Garage Art Studios (5 covers – TOP ROW: Dennis Culver, Tone Rodriguez – BOTTOM ROW: Chris Burnham, Tony Fleecs, Chris Moreno)
  19. Guiseppe Camunicoli
  20. James Harren
  21. Jeffrey Brown
  22. Jim Calafiore
  23. Jim Lawson
  24. Jim Zub
  25. Karl Moline
  26. Kevin Eastman
  27. Koi Pham
  28. Kristin Allen
  29. Mark McKenna
  30. Max Fiumara
  31. Michael Dialynas
  32. Michael Oppenheimer
  33. Mike Norton
  34. Nick Pitarra
  35. Paolo Rivera
  36. Peter Neeson
  37. Richard Pace
  38. Rich Koslowski
  39. Rodolfo Migliari
  40. Ron Chan – he cut a hole in the cover !  Take a look.
  41. Sara Richard
  42. Scott Koblish
  43. Sebastián Fiumara
  44. Shawn McManus
  45. Skinner
  46. Stuart Sayger
  47. Ted McKeever
  48. Todd Nauck
  49. tOkKa
  50. Tom Raney
  51. Ty Templeton
  52. Whilce Portacio
  53. ?? unknown ??
  54. ?? unknown ??

7 Responses to “TMNT #50 Cover RE Hero Initiative – Cover Gallery”

  1. Maichan

    I’ve seen three other artists listed as contributing, but I don’t see then on your list – Stan Sakai, Nate Van Dyke, and Dale Keown. Are they just missing from your list or …. ?

    • rich rich

      This is just a preliminary list I’ve been keeping over the last few weeks. It’s missing many covers.

  2. Corey

    FYI: On the pic with the Garage guys’ stuff, they are – I think – (top row, left to right) Dennis Culver, Tone Rodriguez and (bottom row) Chris Burnham, Tony Fleecs, Chris Moreno. I’m 100% sure the first two on the bottom are right (recognize them from their signatures) and I’m about 90% on the third being Moreno. I’m less sure about the other two, but still pretty confident.

    • rich rich

      Thanks Corey. I’ll update with the info. you provided…I really have no idea so 90% confidence is better than my guesses. 🙂


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