TMNT @ Comic-Con 2013

Hey everyone.  For those of you heading to Comic Con this week you’ll want to make sure you know all the TMNT stuff going on.  For that, there’s no one better than Roseangelo at NinjaPizza…she’s the SDCC expert and does an amazing job of outlining anything and everything TMNT at SDCC.

Head on over to check out Ninja Pizza’s TMNT Guide to Comic-Con 2013.


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  1. Marcos

    OK, yeah I went to NY Comic Con like 2 years ago & it was all right.Bought the 2 day pass & it wasn’t so bad but I’m in no hurry to go again. The best part was meeting Michael Dooney & getting some signed prints.

  2. Marcos

    I won’t be attending but I’m eager to see footage from the panel(s). I know normally like a week (or sooner) after the con videos/footage is available online. Are you going Rich?

    • rich rich

      No, I’m not going. I’ve never been to Comic-Con and would love to go some day but it’s simply too expensive. It would cost me over $1K to just get there and stay so I choose to go to smaller, more affordable, events instead.


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