TMNT Comic Strip

TMNT Comic Strip_Book I_Page_001Back in the early 1990s Mirage Studios began publishing a daily comic strip in newspapers all over the U.S. For years I clipped and saved every one that was published in my local paper (minus just a few I missed). Monday-Friday was the small black & white strip and then Sunday there was a full-color larger strip with either fan art or puzzles. I’ve kept them all in photo albums ever since.
This photo is of the first 5.

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  1. Kyle Benning

    Hey Rich, love the site, (this MetropolisKid41 from Technodrome & ILoveBeingATurtle from IDW boards) anyway you could post more of this strips? I loved these when I was a kid. I wish IDW would collect & reprint them. I just scored some of the original art of some Lawson drawn strips off of eBay from November 1991. I’d be happy to share a scan of them if they happen to be any of the ones you’re missing.


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