TMNT Micro-Series #4 Leonardo (IDW)

Here’s the info. on the variants for the TMNT Micro Series #4 Leonardo from IDW.  Available on April 18, 2012.  Features the first fight between a Ninja Turtle and the Foot Clan and leads into the new story arc for the TMNT ongoing series.

  1. Cover A (David Petersen) – regular cover shipped in a mixed ratio with Cover B
  2. Cover B (Ross Campbell) – regular cover shipped in a mixed ratio with Cover A
  3. Cover RI A (David Petersen B&W variant) – 10 copy Retailer Incentive
  4. Cover RI B (Peter Laird remastered Retro variant) – 25 copy Retailer Incentive  NOTE that this is a preliminary cover – the actual cover will have a bar code crediting Peter Laird.
  5. Cover RE (Matt Slay) exclusive – click here for more details and purchasing info. – limited print run

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  1. Craig

    Hey Rich, this actually comes one on the 18th and TMNT #9 comes out on the 25th.

    • rich rich

      Craig, thanks for the reminder on this. I saw that some dates had shifted a couple of days ago and I wanted to confirm some others with IDW as well. I’ve now changed these to their new dates in the posts and on the side listing. I also moved #10 to May 23 as Bobby Curnow believed that one would be a week later as well. I also moved the Ultimate Vol. 3 to unknown status as he believed that would be another couple of months.
      Thanks again!


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