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Hey everyone.   I was just recently going through some of my TMNT stuff and came across an old scrapbook I put together over the course of a few years during the late 80’s and early 90’s.   Basically, I cut out anything TMNT I came across in the newspaper or some other publication and kept it in this scrapbook.  There’s some pretty cool stuff in it and it certainly brought back a lot of cool memories as I went through it.  So, I thought I’d post the pages of the scrapbook here over the course of the next few months so you could enjoy it as well.

This is the first page I put together.  Note the ticket to the 1st TMNT movie was only $5.50 back then.  Crazy.

As a quick aside…I also came across two other scrapbooks I kept that contain the entire run (I think) of the TMNT newspaper comic strip (including the Sunday art / puzzle ones in full color) that ran in the early 90’s.  If I can find the time maybe I’ll post those after the scrapbook.

Hope you enjoy the pages.

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