UPDATE #4: Variant Cover for TMNT Vol. V, #73 (IDW) – Kickstarter – Final 24 hours & CGC Signature Series !

OK everyone…we’re down to the final 24 hours of this campaign and we’re just $400 away from upgrading this variant to premium sketch-quality heavy stock!  THAT WOULD BE INCREDIBLE!  Let’s make it happen!

And, just to help make the final push that much sweeter, I’m pleased to announce that for any signed, sketched, or hand-colored copies, CGC Signature Series grading WILL be an option!   Cost for CGC Signature Series will be $60 per book.  You’ll be able to opt in and pay for this at a later date as long as you’ve backed one of the signed copy tiers…ONE Signed Copy ($20), ONE Signed Copy + ONE Raw Copy ($25), ONE Hand-Colored Copy + ONE Raw Copy ($100).

Have a fantastic weekend and keep the momentum going!  If you have any questions, feel free to let me know.

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