…your TMNT-NinjaTurtles Christmas SURPRISE !!

Hey TMNT comics fans…since you’ve all been SO good this year it’s time for an early Christmas present.  Actually, I have a total of 3 presents in all for you but you’ll have to wait a couple of days to open the other two…

Are you ready?    Here’s your first present.

M E R R Y   C H R I S T M A S  !!!

Make sure to come back on Wednesday, Dec. 21 so you can open your other two presents…see you on Wednesday!
I promise…you’ll love what I got you 🙂

9 Responses to “…your TMNT-NinjaTurtles Christmas SURPRISE !!”

  1. tOkKa

    –>> .. collectors’ nightmares all these variants..

    but they sure look damn cool !! Hey ..

    Merry X-mas, Rich ~~!!

    ~ t

    • rich rich

      …agreed. They are a pain in the wallet as well, but I think we’ve weathered the worst of it for now.
      Merry Christmas to you too Tokka!

  2. King Suck

    Originally figured that would be a Jetpack cover. Cant freaking wait for the rest.

    • rich rich

      I’m sure this would have been a Jetpack cover had they decided to continue with them…
      Personally, I’m glad they (Jetpack) didn’t continue them just because they were $15 a pop…I think that’s way excessive. Maybe if they would have included shipping in that cost it would have been at least tolerable…plus, 2 of my 5 Jetpack comics arrived damaged (which, in their defense, they graciously replaced at no cost)…just glad those are behind us. Sorry for the rant 😉

      • King Suck

        Might not be out of the wallet vacuum that is Jetpack variants yet. In a recent email they told me they were only taking a break due to being unable to find “high resolution art” and would be starting back up with the launch of the “new series”. Not sure if that means the nick cartoon or the next story arc. Guess we’ll see.

        • rich rich

          I remember reading your post about that on the Drome I think…but I’m hoping they don’t pick it up again unless they are significantly cheaper (and shipped more carefully)…I still think there’s something very fishy about those #1 Error orange copies…I don’t care if it really was an accident, you don’t then turn around and sell them with a 500% markup and say, “oops.” Lame. Total profiteering and it really makes me sick…


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