1 Week Delay for TMNT #1 (IDW) – 1:50 Retailer Incentive (RI D) Eastman Sketch

I just found out that the Eastman-sketched 50 copy incentives for TMNT #1 (Cover RI D) are now delayed by one week to  Jan. 4, 2012.  Again, these are limited to approx. 500 copies.

For images, Archon_Turtle posted some pictures of his copies that he received directly from Kevin Eastman.  You can check them out on The Technodrome Forums.

4 Responses to “1 Week Delay for TMNT #1 (IDW) – 1:50 Retailer Incentive (RI D) Eastman Sketch”

  1. rich rich

    The ones on the Technodrome page were done specifically for a close friend of Kevin’s so naturally he spent much more time and effort on those…they are all 4 interconnected, too which took some extra effort as well. However, I sure like all of them (some more than others) and really like seeing all the variances.

  2. Dano

    None of the one I’ve found look as detailed or identical to the one in technodromes page. I have seen 3 different Leo covers, 2 donnies, and one each for raph and mikey

    • rich rich

      It’s hard to say…if you know of one locally that had a large stock of the regular A,B,C,D covers then they may be getting one or two. I don’t know of any specific vendors in that area though.


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