35 Days of Kevin Eastman

Kevin Eastman has an awesome event going on in L.A. right now.  Those of you in the area may already know about it but there’s some cool stuff online about it as well.  Check out the links below.  Those of you going, enjoy!   …I’m totally jealous.

The Technodrome Forums



Meltdown Comics

35 days eastman

4 Responses to “35 Days of Kevin Eastman”

    • rich rich

      Thanks Richard…hey, I’ve responded to you via email but the email you list when these messages get sent to me comes back invalid? Email me with an email that works and I can respond to you directly.

      • Richard

        My apologies about that Rich. The previous email address had a letter in the wrong place that caused it to be invalid. It should work fine now 🙂

  1. Richard

    Hey Rich,
    Thanks for letting everyone know about this event =) I hope those who are close by can make it. I really wish you could have made it, I think everyone deserves a chance to experience this.


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