Amazing Arizona Comic Con 2015

amazing_az_logoxGreetings everyone.  This past Saturday I attended the 2015 Amazing Arizona Comic Con (AACC) in Phoenix, AZ.  The weather was incredible (mid-80’s all weekend) and the show was really fun.  Kevin Eastman was there signing on Saturday and Sunday and the crowds to see him were astounding.  I went to his panel on Saturday afternoon and I got to see him and say hello in person.  However, the signing line for Kevin on Saturday afternoon had to be at least 500 people strong…he’s a popular guy!  I didn’t choose to wait in the line for the signing but I did take some pictures.  And, even though the TMNT New Animated Adventures #20 release has been delayed until Feb. 25, ACCC had the Amazing Con exclusive cover for it on-hand and ready for pickup.  Don’t ask me how that all works (because I surely don’t understand it) but I’m just glad they had it there…whew!  I even got cover artist Eddie Nunez to sign a copy for me.  🙂


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