Amazing Arizona Comic Con 2016


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!  I spent the day at the Amazing Arizona Comic Con and had a great time.  Got chat with Kevin and his wife Courtney, went to Kevin’s panel in the afternoon, and then toured the Con floor for the remainder of the day.  I also took this opportunity to try out the CGC Signature Series service.  I had the CGC representative witness Kevin signing my two copies of TMNT #1 2nd printing, one Turtlemania Regular, one Turtlemania Silver, two copies of Batman/TMNT #1 COLOR, and two copies of Batman/TMNT #1 B&W.  They’re all now off to CGC for grading…can’t wait to get them back in 4-6 weeks.

I’ve uploaded tons of photos in the gallery below so check them all out.  Some highlights of what I saw and/or learned today…

  • Kevin is so gracious to all his fans…he’s just the best to everyone and he’s so fun to watch (especially with the younger kids).  Kevin and Courtney are two of the nicest people.  Seriously, they are great.
  • You’ll see one or two pictures in the gallery from Kevin’s panel where he’s revealing his cover for Batman/TMNT #5.  He also showed #4 just prior to that but I wasn’t able to snap the picture fast enough. 🙁
  • Kevin also revealed what the next IDW Micro-Series will be…Bebop & Rocksteady.  You can see a picture of the cover he’s done for that (although I don’t know if that’s final or not).
  • The Hero Initiative had a booth at the Con and I asked them about the status of the TMNT #50 Cover RE Hero Initiative. They said basically not to expect them to go up for sale on eBay until next summer (2017). The next project in the pipeline for sale this summer (2016) is the Adventure Time Hero 100 project. Then, after that, is when TMNT #50 will be sold. Kinda sucks. Let’s hope they are wrong.
    • At the Hero Initiative table I met artist Benjamin Glendenning…a really neat guy.  He did a Star Wars / TMNT themed commission for someone on the cover of a TMNT #51 Artist Edition blank.  You can see it in the gallery…super-cool.
    • The Hero Initiative asked Kevin to sketch on the lid of a comic short box.  They plan to auction this off at the Phoenix Comic Con later this summer.  There are pictures of this in the gallery and you can see someone else had already done a bit of Captain America artwork on the box.
  • Kevin talked about some new figures that he was working on…there’s a pic of the prototypes in the gallery.

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  1. Richard

    I was at Amazing Arizona too! I was in cosplay when I got my comics signed and at the panel. I was Nightwing and Sunday I was Aladdin.


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