BREAKING NEWS! IDW TMNT 2012 San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive !!

Hey everyone!

I just received notice that IDW will be doing a TMNT exclusive for this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.  It will be a special Kevin Eastman cover (labeled “Con Edition”) for TMNT #11.  Total print run for this edition is believed to be 500 but if that changes I’ll be sure to update you all.   Check it out!

12 Responses to “BREAKING NEWS! IDW TMNT 2012 San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive !!”

  1. Matt

    i need more info for this exclusive. Especially if i could find someone to grab one for me ! : )

  2. Donald

    I love the cover I hope to get one!!! Thanks as always for the info Rich!

    • rich

      You bet Donald. Should be “interesting” to see what the aftermarket prices are for this one 😉

  3. Danny Castillo

    Wait…. Is Kevin gonna be at this years con? I didn’t see him on the guest list. Also wouldn’t it make this issue 12 in July since 10 this months and 11’s would be Junes?

    • rich

      Danny, I haven’t heard that Kevin will be there but he could decide that any time I suppose. As for the issue used for Comic-Con, you’re right that #12 is the July issue but it’s typical to use the previous month’s issue for Con exclusives. This way the main issue within is already released. A delay to #12 by a week (which is likely) could mean the issue wouldn’t be ready for the Con.

    • Chris Myers

      Yeah, that is me just totally assuming he will be there because he usually has been in the past.

    • kidturtle

      To explain to those who have not gone to SDCC before:

      Kevin is there basically every day of the Con because of the Heavy Metal booth. He usually has a TMNT item or two, such as books for sale or free posters, available. Kevin will sign and/or sketch on pretty much anything you buy or bring, as well as pose for pictures.

      In addition, since IDW is going to have this variant cover, he will most likely be over at their booth at least once for a signing, as he did that last year for the ashcan and a few years ago at the NECA booth for the action figure set they released.

      • rich

        Nice KT. Thanks for sharing that. I’ve never been to Comic-Con so that’s very helpful.

  4. Chris Myers

    Yeah, I imagine they will just be for sale tat their booth and then you can go have Eastman sign it in Artist Alley. But I want to keep an eye out in case they only have them for sale at a time Eastman is signing at the IDW booth.

  5. Chris Myers

    Looks Great! I bet Eastman will be signing them at some point. If you find out more details on how to get one from IDW at the con or what day they are on sale can you post it? I am taking the family from Wed preview night to the following Monday and would not want to miss this.

    Thanks! Always enjoy the site!


    • rich

      Chris, thanks for visiting…glad you like the site. Great to have you here! I haven’t heard any additional details about how to acquire the SDCC variant but as soon as I do I’ll be sure to post an update. It’s likely to be at the IDW booth but it’s anyone’s guess right now. Hope you have a great time at the Con.


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