BREAKING NEWS !! Jetpack Comics – TMNT Retailer Exclusives & FCBD 2013


Hey everyone, a couple things came to my attention today, both involving Jetpack Comics in Rochester, NH.  For those of you wondering, Jetpack Comics (more specifically, Ralph DiBernardo) has a long and storied history with the TMNT from the beginning.

First, I just received word that Jetpack Comics has signed on to produce Retailer Exclusive covers for at least the next 10 TMNT Color Classics from IDW.  They originally signed on for just the Color Classics #1-4 + Raphael.  You can see all the current Jetpack TMNT Retailer Exclusive variants by visiting the Jetpack Exclusives section of their site.

Second, Kevin Eastman has agreed to be Jetpack Comic’s guest for Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) 2013 on Saturday, May 4, 2013.  In addition, Jetpack intends to get as many of the IDW TMNT clan out there as possible.  Stay tuned for more info. about that as FCBD 2013 draws closer.

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  1. nriccijr

    I am also not a fan of the Jetpack variants…but I am PUMPED about the FCBD signing and I can not wait!! I wish they would create a solid blank variant…i’d buy a ton of those for sketches in a second


    That’s awesome for the people around that area. If it was a little closer, I’d be there, definitely. For the people who want the variants, that’s good news about the 10 issue extension. But me? While I like the Jetpack RE for the ongoing series, I just find it extremely lazy that they’re selling an exclusive variant cover for $20 when all they are is just a black and white version of the same cover.

    But I do like the Jetpack RE for the ongoing. I only have the #2 variant right now, though.

    • rich rich

      I do see your point about the cost and the cover just being slightly different. It’s always tough on collectors to have all these variants to get but I know that the objective with these (at least the Jetpacks) is to remain a part of the TMNT.


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