BREAKING NEWS !! Multiple TMNT comics delays and delivery issues…

Hey everyone, for the last couple of weeks it’s been extremely difficult to keep track of all the IDW TMNT releases as it seems there are multiple different stories going around about what’s shipping when.  Not sure if this is Diamond’s issue (likely) or something else but I’ve been feverishly researching this and I think I have a good-enough handle on things to provide what I’d call a “90% certainty” update for you on some titles.

CONFIRMED First, let’s start with the TMNT Global Conquest editions.  I’m not sure if you’ve all been in the same boat as me with the recent planned releases of the editions but I haven’t seen a single one of these appear anywhere yet (including in both of my comics orders –  1 state-side and 1 International).  Well, that may be because it seems that they’ve been delayed until Jan. 18.  Again, I have not yet been able to nail down a cause here but based on my conversations with local comic shops the finger seems to point at Diamond’s distribution problems.  Oh what fun a comic distribution monopoly is, right?

Second, both the Michelangelo #2 Cover RI A and the IDW TMNT #4 RI B (25 copy incentive), while already released, seem to be extremely difficult issues to find (especially the latter of the two).  Again, these are both missing from my my online orders and I’ve found only one in my local comic shop.  The cause?  Well, it seems that many of these copies arrived to vendors and comic shops heavily damaged or in extremely poor condition.  As an example of the type of damage…one local comic shop told me they opened their Diamond box and found their only copy of the #4 RI B folded nearly in half and stuffed alongside the edge of the box.  WTF Diamond !?!?

CONFIRMED Lastly, here’s some inside info. that I’m not yet ready to set in stone but all signs point to being true.  IDW TMNT #6 looks to be delayed until Jan. 25 (one week delay).  I heard rumors of this earlier in the week and just today I found a source that confirmed it.  Since I can’t find this change with multiple sources yet we’ll leave this in “unconfirmed” status for now.  

OK, I hope that gets you up to date on the state of IDW TMNT comics for the time being.  Have a great weekend!

6 Responses to “BREAKING NEWS !! Multiple TMNT comics delays and delivery issues…”

  1. Richard

    Hey Rich,
    Thanks for letting us know about the delays. I don’t look forward to them, but at least I’ll know what’s going on. I was curious, were you able to get the TMNT #1 RI D cover when it got released?

    • rich

      Hey Richard…yes, the delays are frustrating, especially since they’re mostly due to Diamond’s incompetence. As for the #1 RI D, I’ll be posting about those here very soon…stay tuned.

  2. King Suck

    Who eats the cost when items arrived damaged like this? I’ve never really liked Diamond as they tend to kill a lot of indy titles just by refusing to distro them but this is beyond ridiculous.

    • rich

      I would think Diamond eats the cost but you’d think that after doing this so much that the bottom line would be in jeopardy…my local comic shop says this happens all the time…so lame…you can see why Peter Laird didn’t like them…I’m not a fan either.
      I always wonder, when there’s a limited print run of these that get damaged, how they get more.

  3. Kidturtle

    Did you mean Michelangelo #2 Cover RI B? RI A is rather easy to find on eBay, but RI B is not listed.

    Also, do you know if the covers of #6 will be updated to have the colored bandannas?

    • rich

      …I do mean the Mikey RI A although the Mikey RI B is also a hard one to find (but for a different reason…it’s a 25 copy Incentive = more rare). The RI A, while it can be found online, is missing from many current online and comic shop orders due to damage received during shipping. For sure some arrived unharmed but it seems that a fair number of the RI A copies were damaged.

      As for the #6 covers, the only one that would need updating to color bandannas is the RI A Guillory cover…Cover A wouldn’t need it b/c you can’t tell what color they are anyway and Cover B shows colored bandanas already (look very closely, it’s faint)…I do believe though that I read on another forum that the covers would being updated to colored bandannas so there would be no confusion…can’t find it at the moment but if I do I’ll share.

      Thanks for visiting!


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