If you’re like me, you went to your local comic shop yesterday or today to pick up your copies of TMNT #35.  Super exciting !!  But if you ordered a copy of the 1:10 Retailer Incentive (RI) Ken Garing cover, you were probably a bit perplexed when you were handed a copy of the Retailer Exclusive (RE) Kevin Eastman Fan Club (SDCC) cover.  You may have even questioned this…because the cover you got was actually labeled “Cover RE”…but the retailer was insisting it was the RI cover.  And even though the cover gallery on the inside front cover of the comic showed that the RI cover was something totally different than what you were holding in your hands…you were told it was the RI cover.  Pretty confusing for sure…but there’s an explanation.  Here’s what happened:

All the covers that are listed on my TMNT #35 post are accurate in every way.  Cover A, B, RI, and RE exist just as they are shown.  However, the RE Kevin Eastman Fan Club (SDCC) cover got mislabeled (or was incorrectly identified) as the RI cover at some point at IDW.  As a result, it was printed (and distributed to retailers) as the “RI Cover” instead of as the “RE Cover” it actually is.

The original plan was for the RE cover to be Kevin Eastman’s for distribution at SDCC but it’s now unknown what will be done to replace this RE cover.  As for the actual RI Cover by Ken Garing, it’s also unknown at this point what will happen with it.  Stay tuned…I’ll be sure to update as I find out more details.

UPDATE 6/26/2014: IDW will create a new Retailer Incentive (RE) Kevin Eastman Fan Club SDCC Cover for TMNT #36 to make up for the incorrectly distributed #35 RE Kevin Eastman Fan Club SDCC Cover.  It’s still unknown what will happen with the TMNT #35 RI Cover by Ken Garing that was not distributed.  UPDATE: Cover RI was eventually distributed at SDCC 2014 to attendees of the Diamond Retailer Luncheon.  Copies of Cover RI have not been made publicly available for purchase (although you can sometimes find copies on the second-hand market and eBay).

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  1. Mayhem

    Well that’s funky. Hopefully we’ll find out what might be done. I expect not a lot.


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