BREAKING NEWS !! TMNT Micro-Series #2 Michelangelo Global Conquest Edition

Hey TMNT fans!!  I just received word that the TMNT Micro-Series #2 Michelangelo will be getting a Global Conquest Edition just like TMNT #1-5 + Raphael.  Although the Mikey micro was not initially planned to receive a Global Conquest Edition, it’s being created now primarily due to international demand for it.  Since the original Dec. 28 release date was right on the cusp of IDW’s ability to distribute internationally, many international shops never received it.   So, in effect, this is basically a 2nd printing (just like the other TMNT Global Conquest Editions) that ensures the international TMNT audience gets to catch up with the IDW TMNT story line(s).

As for a release date, Mar. 7 seems to be a good bet but that’s not yet official.  As always, I’ll keep you updated if anything changes.

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  1. Marco

    Going on this page I found thanks to what is said in your forum (it inspired me what to search for, it wasn’t mentioned directly) I found better info and now I think I have an idea.

    But I still have some doubts.

    About how many stories there are besides the #36 of the old stories..What about the “adventures” by Eastman they have a different logo title on the numbers.

    There are really many other publications beside the #31 of the first serie.

    Why they say that after the #31 the story was never continued? … it seems true the opposite !

    • rich

      Hey Marco, I think it’s important to quickly start off by noting that Ninja Turtles comic books have been around since 1983. So, given that amount of time between then and now, there have been multiple volumes of TMNT comics produced. Issue #30 from Volume One is not the same as issue #30 from Volume Four. The best I can offer you at the moment to break down all the previous comic books for TMNT is the old Mirage site ( That will break down all of the Mirage issued titles for you (1983 – 2009). For the current stuff from IDW, you’ll find everything you need to know right here on my blog. Just use the “Variant Cover Archive” and the “Upcoming TMNT Comics” links to the right.

  2. Marco

    Hi Sir,

    I’d like to know more about the many version out. I have been on TMNT wikipedia and on dedciated enciclopedia but I cannot get what is happening now. Is there any serie ongoing what its name ?

    Id’ like to have a general panorama but also detailed of how many things have come out from the beginning. And often websites, I’d say, always, are not clear to me. What is clear is from #1 to #36 of “volume 1” what is happening(what about #30?! ..who knows) but what then…?

    My problem is that I can see that they are reprinting the old covers but often in descriptions (almost always it is not described what you are going to find inside) so you might end up buying a issue that is already in your hands.

    All these reprints all these names I can’t really figure out what are the stories out … I will start buying a first lot of the first ones … and try to tackle from the present toward the past buying also from today issue. So that I will keep collecting toward the present and viceversa and end up in some time to own the whole collection but …what about

    “Utlimate collection”? What about GLOBAL CONQUEST EDITION ? What are these ? It’s so full of publication … why it’s so messy ? Could you please help me understand ?
    Thanks for your time


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