BREAKING NEWS !! – TMNT Raphael Micro-Series #1 (IDW) Cover Error

Greetings everyone.  I just got word that the upcoming TMNT Micro-Series Raphael #1 Cover RI-B (the Eastman Retro Cover) has an error on it.  The cover should be labeled “RI B” but instead is labeled “RI A.”  The actual “RI-A” cover (the Peterson B&W variant) also states “RI A.”

Word has it that it’s likely too late in the process to make the correction so, unless corrected, when the issues are released both of the Retailer Incentive covers for Raphael will state “RI A” (although only one actually will be).

Now you know.

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    • rich rich

      The RI B for Raphael is a 25 copy Retailer Incentive. For everyone’s convenience I’ve broken down all of these in my separate posts about the variant covers for all the issues up through #6. Just click the “TMNT (IDW) Variant Covers ARCHIVE” link on the right menu and it will take you to them. Thanks for reading!

  1. Richard

    The RI B Cover brings back some memories of the original mirage micro series of Raphael. I’m hoping everyone else will notice this as well. Are the chances of finding RI A and RI B the same at retail stores? Or will this be something people will flock to on ebay and other online stores?

    • rich rich

      It totally brings back memories for me as well. Remember when you’d see these old magazine-sized issues hanging up on the wall of comic shops for sale? I’ll never forget this comic shop I used to go into all the time when I was a kid…they had a TMNT #1 for sale and it was $150. If only I had a time machine.
      Anyway, as far as the RI A and RI B availability for Raphael, the error shouldn’t make it’s availability any scarcer since printing quantity of them is based off of pre-orders two months ago (although it may make RI B more popular). These will be similar to the #2 and #3 RI A and B if sales hold true to those numbers. Since these are all 10 and 25 copy incentives respectively they’re only issued when a single order of 10 or 25 copies of A & B are sold to retailers.


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