BREAKING NEWS! Two Turtlemania GOLD Editions Sell for $450 Each !!

Greetings TMNT comic book fans and collectors!  Get ready to shed some major tears…

…and yes, you read that title right.  The title of this post pretty much sums it up.  This past Saturday, July 7, 2012, two separate eBay auctions for Turtlemania GOLD (one for #4 of 10 – Eastman and one for #6 of 10 – Laird) were won with Buy It Now prices of $450.  It could go without saying that these auctions didn’t last long and were quickly snapped up by one very lucky individual.

First, allow me to quickly break all this down for the sake of documenting what has transpired here.

  • Two separate, never-before-seen copies of Turtlemania GOLD (which appear to be authentic) surface on eBay, listed by the same seller and sold for $450 each…a total of $900 for both (with free shipping, too :))
  • These two copies are each one of only ten copies that were created of Turtlemania GOLD (i.e., THE rarest Ninja Turtles comic books in existence!!).  Within minutes, one-fifth of the Turtlemania GOLD copies were available to the world and then, just as quickly, were off the market.
  • Each copy of Turtlemania GOLD has an estimated street value much greater than what was actually paid for these.

So, the question we all want answers to is, “Who now owns these copies?”  Well, that’s where this was initially very confusing.  Although there are only 2 copies of Turtlemania GOLD that were sold (#4 and #6), there were actually 3 separate eBay auctions listed for these 2 copies.

Turtlemania GOLD #4 got two separate listings yet both auctions had successful buyers, both of whom were different eBay users (and, sadly, neither of which was me :().

Turtlemania GOLD #6 got only a single listing…

CONFUSED?  I sure was.  However, after some detective work and some assistance from a blog reader, we’ve learned direct from the seller that “the second listing for #4 was a mistake.”  So, we know for sure there were only 2 Turtlemania GOLD copies sold.  In addition, knowing which auction was a mistake also answered the question of who now owns both of these copies.  Can you believe it?  Two Turtlemania GOLD copies are now in the hands of a single person.  CONGRATS to you sir or madam !!  This was one epic TMNT comics acquisition that we’ll not likely ever witness again !! 

If you’re reading this and you’re the new owner of these Turtlemania GOLD issues, contact me.  Even if you’re not interested in re-selling either of these I’d for sure love to chat with you about this.  If you are interested in re-selling one, here’s my pitch…Turtlemania GOLD is the last piece I need for my all-encompassing, nearly complete run of every TMNT comic book ever made (it’s taken me nearly 25 years to get to this point).  Plus, I only need one copy of Turtlemania GOLD…you now have an “extra.”  🙂   FYI –  If you’re a comics collector I have many rare duplicates in my collection that might make for an interesting proposition.  🙂   

3 Responses to “BREAKING NEWS! Two Turtlemania GOLD Editions Sell for $450 Each !!”

  1. Dan

    That’s amazing Rich. I wish I would have seen those at that price. Almost too good to be true and I wonder if they are. If you know what I mean. Still those are the holy grail of TMNT.

    • rich

      I know Dan, it’s unbelievable. I really think they are the real deal but even counterfeits at that price would be a steal. 🙂


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