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Non-TMNT / no TMNT appearance.  Enormous #7 (215 Ink) Blindbox Comics Artist Edition blank cover with custom ‘Stranger Things’ artwork by Jason Adams on the cover.  Hand-numbered 9 of 11 and signed by Jason Adams on the back cover. Signed by Millie Bobby Brown on the front cover 10/7/2016.  CGC Signature Series #1431760003.

Here we have something truly special, and exceedingly rare!  In conjunction with artist Jason Adams, we have created an edition of 11 “Stranger Things” painted art covers that have also been signed by Millie Bobby Brown – the talented actress that plays Eleven on the hit TV show!  Each book began as a blank sketch cover for Enormous – which Jason Adams then turned into a one of a kind work of art featuring an iconic image of Eleven using her powers!  Each book was then signed by Millie Bobby Brown, and has been hand-numbered out of an edition of exactly 11 books.  Each book is currently at CGC for certification, and will receive a yellow “Signature Series” label.

This is book #9/11!


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