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Retailer Exclusive (RE) Cover Alpha Comics B-Virgin Error cover by Matt Frank.  Limited to only 45 copies.

BACKSTORY (from Cover Alpha Comics):

A small number of copies of Cover Alpha’s Virgin variant were printed with the turtle shell imprint that was on the Kevin Eastman back cover.  There are only 45 error copies in existence.

When we ordered the variants, we ordered 500 copies of the A cover and 500 virgins. They arrived, and we picked through all for the damaged copies and 54 Main and 20 Virgins were damaged enough to be marked unsellable. BUT… 104 had this “ghosting shell” on the back (most much lighter).
See, there are two different trade dresses for the back of the books… the Power Rangers Bolt and the Turtles Shell. I know the Eastman covers have the shell.
So we theorized that during production, the printer didn’t clean one of the rollers or plates before starting our batch. And it wore out over the print run.
We called all into Boom as damages, since they weren’t what we wanted, but began trying to work out a solution (maybe reprint these 100, or something). Reprinting wasn’t a good idea, so we asked for permission to sell these as is and see if the market liked them. And struck a deal where we picked out the ones we thought were showing it well enough (45 out of the 104), paid for those and will return the rest.
Fun thing, and obviously collectors cared since we moved our first 20 listed almost instantly. We only listed 20 to start to see the market value, and we see that before it even gets to error collectors people care about them. So have fun with this, we will be posting the story on our website so it will be forever documented and production numbers will be known (also adjusting the census numbers of all copies for what was available.)  


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