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Kevin Eastman Fan Club SDCC 2014 Retailer Exclusive (RE) cover by Kevin Eastman, Peter Laird, & Steve Lavigne.

NOTE: Cover RI and Cover RE were incorrectly distributed (read more here).  Cover RE was distributed as Cover RI and the actual Cover RI was never made commercially available (although it was eventually distributed at SDCC 2014 to attendees of the Diamond Retailer Luncheon).  To make up for this error, IDW created a special RE Kevin Eastman Fan Club SDCC cover for TMNT #36.


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TMNT Vol. V #127 (IDW)

TMNT Vol. V #127 from IDW.  Original IDW solicitation details below.  Available March 16, 2022. Cover A (Pablo Tunica) – regular cover A Cover B (Kevin Eastman) – regular cover B Cover RI (Jared Cullum) – 10 copy (1:10) Retailer Incentive (RI) cover