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Retailer Exclusive (RE) Brave New World Comics / Knowhere Games & Comics cover by Deth Phimmasone & Jesse Heagy / David Baron & Ryan Winn.  Features TWO exclusive covers, flipped back to back.  On the main cover (Knowhere Games & Comics), artists Deth Phimmasone & Jesse Heagy have the Turtles taking down Krang. The back cover (Brave New World Comics) features artwork by David Baron & Ryan Winn showing a classic Turtles pose.  Back cover (BNW) is signed by artists David Baron & Ryan Winn.  Includes a limited edition print of the BNW cover signed by David Baron & Ryan Winn, numbered 64/250.

TMNT #75 contains a full-page ad for TMNT: A Collection.


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