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Retailer Exclusive (RE) Mile High Comics MISPRINT cover by Dan Conner.  The MISPRINT occurred only on the back blank cover portion where ghosted images and/or text can be seen in the white area that is intended to be completely clean and white.  This ghosting is actually printed on the cover itself and not caused by color transfer when the cover of one book rubs against another – the ghosted area doesn’t even match or align what the front cover image is and so the source of the ghosted images and/or text is unknown.


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TMNT Vol. V #113 (IDW)

TMNT Vol. V #113 from IDW.  Original IDW solicitation details below.  Available January 13, 2021. Cover A (Sophie Campbell) – regular cover A Cover B (Kevin Eastman) – regular cover B Cover RI (Matt Lesniewski) – 10 copy (1:10) Retailer Incentive (RI) cover