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Cover A by Tim Lattie.

NOTE: This ongoing title was originally solicited as “TMNT Saturday Morning Adventures Continued” because it was created in response to the popularity of the limited 4-issue mini-series which had already been published under the title “TMNT Saturday Morning Adventures” (Sept. 2022-Jan. 2023).  IDW created this new “Continued” title with a new #1 instead of expanding on the mini-series numbering (#5+) since the “Continued” series is designed to be ongoing/monthly with continuing storyline (vs. limited mini-series one-off stories).  Somewhere along the line, IDW decided to replace the word ‘Continued’ in this title with “(2023-).”  I’ve chosen not to adopt the addition of “(2023-)” in the title of this new series since the previous mini-series from 2022 did not have “(2022-)” in the title.  I find it less confusing and more accurate to simply categorize this new “Continued” series as “TMNT Saturday Morning Adventures” and re-brand the original 4-issue mini-series as “TMNT Saturday Morning Adventures Mini-Series.”  This aligns with how the 3-issue Archie TMNT Adventures Mini-Series (1988) is categorized alongside the 72-issue ongoing run of Archie TMNT Adventures (1989-1995).


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