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Retailer Exclusive (RE) Eastman Fan Club/Tentacle 10 A joint-venture cover by Ben Bishop & Kevin Eastman.  Cover 1 in the set of 3 interconnecting covers.  Limited to 500; with COA #195 of 500 (for the set of 3 covers).

This is a copy from the second print run; the first print run was extensively damaged during transit and required a complete reprinting of all copies.

NOTE: Although the interior lists this variant as a “First Printing,” it cannot be considered a true First Printing for the following reasons:

  1. The interior lists this variant with a date of “October 2021,” which is a full year after after the actual release of the First Printing (October 2020).
  2. The interior cover gallery omits this variant; the cover gallery inside is the same that was used in the First Printings.
  3. This variant was created and printed specifically for SDCC Special Edition in November, 2021 (well over a year after the First Printing was released).

This is being classified as a “Fifth Printing” because 1) it was announced and printed around the same time as the Fifth Printing (released February 2022) and 2) the Fourth Printing has a date one month prior (September 2021) to the date on this variant (October 2021).


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