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New York Comic Con (NYCC) 2014 Exclusive (New York, NY October 9-12, 2014) from Kevin Eastman Studios.  Chase Variant cover by Mike DeBalfo.  Mechanically numbered 68 of 75 on the back cover.  Contains 20 pages of artwork, all by Kevin Eastman.

BACK STORY:  The NYCC Chase Variant cover was created at Mike DeBalfo’s request so that he would have a limited and rare version for distribution to family and friends.  Mike was to keep 30 copies for his own use (#1-30) and then sign the remaining issues (#31-75) and ship them to a promoter for distribution to fans that pre-purchased copies.  However, during shipment, these copies (numbered #31-75) received damage on the upper and lower left corners.  Instead of sending out damaged copies to fans, the promoter made the decision to re-print the copies numbered #31-75 (45 copies).  To ensure the 45 original (damaged) copies could not be re-used or re-sold, the promoter cut out and destroyed the inside pages from all of the original (damaged) books numbered #31-75, with only the damaged Mike DeBalfo-signed wraparound cover remaining.  When the 45 new replacement books were eventually distributed, the promoter also included the original signed (damaged) cover (of the same number) as proof of destruction.


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