Creed/TMNT Crossover – Blue/Bronze Metallic Subscriber’s Direct Hybrid Edition

Creed & TMNT 01_Kaniuga cover_Subscriber's Hybrid_1st print (May 1996) (2)

Those of you that have followed my TMNT collection over the years already know that I own some of the most rare and unique TMNT comics in existence.  While I’ll be unveiling all of these rarities when my website launches, by following my blog you’ll periodically get previews of some of  these rare comics in my collection.

Here’s another awesome preview of a TMNT rarity from my collection…the ultra-rare and impossible to find Creed/TMNT Crossover – Blue/Bronze Metallic Subscriber’s Direct Hybrid Edition published by Lightning Comics in May, 1996.  This comic is limited to 500 copies and was sent only to Lightning Comics direct subscribers.  Prior to this month’s TMNT #1 from IDW, the Creed/TMNT crossover comic held the record for the most variant covers of any TMNT comic.  You’ll be able to see all of these variants once my website is unveiled.  Until then…I hope you enjoy this preview of a limited edition TMNT rarity.

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  1. Chris B

    Hey there, I just picked up a copy of this comic in the Gold variant. I was wondering if you knew any information on the Gold variant, how rare it is and such, as I cannot find information on it online. All of the websites I have looked dont even list it as a variant cover for the Creed/TMNT, such as and The COA that came with it said only 1,200 were printed. Im just happy I got it for a decent price, thanks for any help you can provide!

    • rich rich

      Chris, the Creed/TMNT crossover had 7 variants to it. Oddly enough, before TMNT #1 from IDW a few months ago, this comic held the title for the most TMNT variants. They are as follows, listed in order of rarity from most common to most rare (based on copies printed):
      (1) Trent Kaniuga cover
      (2) Peter Laird cover
      (3) American Entertainment Excl. Edition (Ltd. to 3,000)
      (4) Platinum (Ltd. to 2,000)
      (5) Gold Collector’s Edition w/ Kaniuga cover (Ltd. to 1200)
      (6) Lightning Comics Signed & Numbered Edition w/ Laird cover and signed by Kaniuga (Ltd. to 700)
      (7) Subscribers Direct Blue/Bronze Hybrid w/ Trent K. cover (Ltd. to 500)

      If you need further information about these issues, just email me and I’ll be glad to go into further detail. Thanks for reading!

      • emery Huynh

        hi there,

        Do you know what value this comic is worth as of now?


        • rich rich

          They come up for sale so infrequently that it’s hard to measure. These are worth much more to those that are TMNT “completists” just because they are nearly impossible to find. Filling the gap in the collection is usually the priority for the collector. But if I had to price it I’d put this around $150-200. I think I got mine for just under $100 a few years ago.

  2. rich rich

    Eric, the website continues to progress…have completed some major milestones in the past few weeks. Thanks for reading my blog…looking forward to having other TMNT fans (such as yourself) see my collection. Take care.

  3. eric weir

    “I own some of the most rare and unique TMNT comics in existence”

    oohhh!!! hurry up and get that website up!! i’m curious/anxious to compare your “rare” tmnt comics to mine!! all in fun of course!! COWABUNGA!! (now that’s just not right) =)


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