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TMNT Vol I 13_1st print (February 1988)I didn’t start seriously collecting TMNT comics until about 1987. Because of this there were many early back-issue TMNT comics that I didn’t have. It was such a rush to look through the comic bins for those few issues that, at that time, I had never even seen. I spent countless hours sifting through thousands of comic books at comic book shops, conventions, and book stores. As I would flip through each of the comics in the boxes labeled “T” I would look for those few TMNT issues that I didn’t already own. Since I’d never seen the covers to some of them before they were easy to spot and so I always went through the box at a rather brisk pace.

But there was one issue that, even though I already owned, always stopped my search cold. It was TMNT Vol. I #13 (February, 1988). There was just something about this cover that spoke to me and I just had to pause and take a closer look. Many times I’d pick it up and study the cover and just…admire. After about a minute I’d place it back in the box (in the exact spot where I’d found it) and diligently resume my search.

It was just so mesmerizing to me. It still is.

As an aside:

  1. I’ve often wondered why Leo and Don don’t seem to see Jhanna’s leg sticking out from behind the tree. It’s clearly in the line of sight and it’s shiny.
  2. Oddly enough, I only own one copy of this beauty. Go figure.

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  1. rich

    Great to know I’m not the only one that thinks this. Thanks for your comments and for visiting my blog. Until later…

  2. Tristan Jones

    This is also one of my favourite issues from the original run. Dooney did such a great job with this, and all the characters are a lot of fun too!


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