Free Comic Book Day 2013 – Day 1

Greetings everyone.  I arrived in New Hampshire late Thursday night and then first thing on Friday I went to visit Ralph at Jetpack Comics.  I toured through the shop and looked around for a while…what an awesome shop !!  After a while I decided to head up to Shellback Artworks in Wells, ME to check things out and visit with Steve Lavigne.  Steve and I visited for a little while and then the shop door opened…and in walked Peter Laird !!  It was truly

unbelievable.  Steve, Pete, and I talked for nearly 3 hours and Pete was kind enough to sign my copies of Gobbledygook #1 & #2 along with a few other things.   I also picked up some super-cool and rare stuff from Steve…check the pictures out and see if you recognize any of it.

Tomorrow Free Comic Book Day 2013 is finally here and I’ll be hanging with the Jetpack Comics crew and Kevin Eastman all day.  Ralph informed me that he has a special assignment for me…assisting Kevin at his table all day on Saturday !!

Over 25 years of collecting TMNT and I’ve never met Peter or Kevin before.   Day 1 of FCBD weekend is over and I’ve now met Peter.  Day 2, I get to hang out all day with Kevin.  Somebody pinch me.

12 Responses to “Free Comic Book Day 2013 – Day 1”

  1. Marcos

    Wow, that’s awesome man! Sounds like good times to me. Love the pics too. Can’t wait to see more of your collection posted.
    Best wishes 🙂

    • rich

      Hey Marcos, it was a really fun time. Won’t be too much longer until I get the collection site finished. Thanks for your patience.

  2. Mike

    Nice to meet you yesterday! Looks like you got some really awesome items and had a blast! Must have been really cool to hang out at Eastman’s table all day huh?
    That line was really really long outside!!
    Hope you got to collect some freebie books as well!


    • rich

      Hey Mike, really great to meet you! What an amazing outfit you had…all that hard work you put into it really showed. Great detail. I hope you enjoyed yourself. It was really fun getting to hang out with Eastman for the day…was quite an honor and this long-time Turtles fan was running on adrenaline all day. I know the line was crazy long but thanks for waiting and taking the time to meet Kevin…he’s so great to his fans. Chat soon!

  3. Nick

    It was awesome meeting you today Rich…..i’m glad your trip was worthwile….now go stuff yourself with fresh seafood

    • rich

      Hey Nick, was awesome meeting you as well. So great to put faces to all the names. So cool to see all the awesome stuff you got signed. Hope you enjoyed yourself !! Chat soon.

  4. Ross

    That’s awesome to hear, I’m really stoked for ya!

    love your good work man!


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