Infestation 2 #1 (IDW) – RI C Sketch Covers

Hey TMNT fans.  The Retailer Incentive RI C cover of Infestation 2 #1 (sketched by Joe Phillips) has now been shipped by Diamond to retailers.  Those of you that ordered this cover should expect to see yours arrive soon.

Here’s a picture of the copy that one of my blog readers received and he’s graciously allowed me to post it here.  Getting a Ninja Turtle sketched on the cover just makes it that much cooler.  Nice pickup Donald and thanks for sharing the pic!

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My copy is in transit and should arrive this week.  I’ll update this post with a scan of mine just as soon as it comes in.  I’m hoping for a Ninja Turtle on my copy as well but I imagine they will be difficult to get given all the other Infestation 2 character possibilities.  If I don’t get a turtle then I’m hoping for a Transformer…that would be almost as cool.  Almost.

UPDATE:  Added my cover to the gallery…was hoping for a turtle but very glad to at least get my second choice.


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  1. Donald

    I got lucky I asked my shop to save me a TMNT cover if they had one. Luckily they did! 🙂


  2. rich rich

    What?!! You don’t like Transformers tOkKAa? What have they ever done to you? 🙂


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