Kevin Eastman Selling TMNT #1 1st Printing – signed by Kevin & Peter

Great news!  I know many of you have been looking for a signed 1st printing of TMNT #1 to fill a long-standing gap in your collection.  However, you’re hesitant to buy (eBay, private auction, comic store) just due to the risk of the signatures being forged or counterfeited since you never know who has owned the copy in the past.  The fact is, there’s just no easy way to authenticate the Eastman & Laird signatures on pre-signed copies…especially copies already encapsulated into a CGC case.  That is, until now.

Here’s your chance to pick up a beautiful signed copy of TMNT #1 1st printing direct from Kevin Eastman himself (+ some extras).  This copy is graded 8.0 with white pages by CGC which means it’s already verified as an authentic 1st printing.  But the thing that sets this copy apart from other TMNT #1 1st printings is that this copy originally came from Kevin’s private collection.  It was signed by Kevin & Peter and then gifted to a close friend of Kevin’s.  Because of this, the full provenance of this copy is known and the Kevin Eastman & Peter Laird signatures on the inside front cover are known to be authentic.  This is HUGE!  And, as if that’s not enough, you’ll also get a TMNT Time Capsule which includes a hand-signed Turtle Tracks letter of thanks from Kevin and a signed photograph.

It’s an amazing opportunity for those of you that have been waiting for the right copy of a signed TMNT #1 1st printing to come along.  If you’re interested, it’s for sale right now on the Kevin Eastman Studios website.

TMNT 01_eastman

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