Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/TMNT #03 (BOOM!)

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/TMNT #3 from BOOM! Studios.  Part 3 of a 5 part crossover mini-series.  Original BOOM! solicitation details below.  Available February 05, 2020.

  1. Cover A (Dan Mora) – regular cover A
  2. Cover B (Goñi Montes) – regular cover B
  3. Cover C (Goñi Montes) – regular cover C
  4. Cover D (Goñi Montes) – regular cover D
  5. Cover E (Goñi Montes) – regular cover E
  6. Cover FOC (Lee Garbett) – FOC (Final Order Cutoff) cover
  7. Cover RI A (Goñi Montes) – 25 copy (1:25) Retailer Incentive (RI) cover
  8. Cover RI B (Lee Garbett) – 50 copy (1:50) Retailer Incentive (RI) cover
  9. Cover Thank You (Goñi Montes) – a surprise “Thank You” gift from BOOM! Studios (limited one per store that ordered copies of MMPR/TMNT #3).
  10. Cover RE Jolzar Collectibles A (Scott Wade) – Jolzar Collectibles Retailer Exclusive (RE) A (Black Ranger vs. Michelangelo) cover; available at Jolzar Collectibles.  Limited to 250 copies.
  11. Cover RE Jolzar Collectibles B (Scott Wade) – Jolzar Collectibles Retailer Exclusive (RE) B (Shredder & Rita) cover; available at Jolzar Collectibles.  Limited to 250 copies.

Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Retail Price: $3.99
Writer: Ryan Parrott
Artist: Simone di Meo
Cover Artists:
Main Cover: Dan Mora
Leonardo Variant Cover B: Goñi Montes
Raphael Variant Cover C: Goñi Montes
Michaelangelo Variant Cover D: Goñi Montes
Donatello Variant Cover E: Goñi Montes
Incentive Cover F: Goñi Montes
Incentive Cover I: Goñi Montes
Synopsis: Rita Repulsa faces off against Shredder for control of the weapon that will change the Power Rangers forever! No matter who wins, the world will never be the same! As the two villains battle, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers must find a way to storm the Foot Clan base to save Tommy, as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles step up to help their new allies in an unexpected way.


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