New Addition !! TMNT Iron-On – T3

Super exciting news !!  Just tonight I bought one of the ultra-mega-rare TMNT Iron-Ons that were originally available via mail order form in the later printings of TMNT #1.  This is the “T3” (of 7) which is the artwork from the TMNT #1 cover.  It was always my absolute favorite of the 7 iron-ons and one I’ve frankly been looking to acquire for nearly 25 years.  While I’m not big on getting my comics signed, I may consider getting this signed by Eastman & Laird at some point.

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  1. Jason

    I just found one of these iron-ons at an estate sale. Trying to get some info on them ie. worth, age, manufacturer. Thank

  2. Sharon

    We just put one of these up for sale on 9/14/14 on eBay if anyone is interested.

  3. frank_one

    Thank you for posting this, Rich. I’ve always seen those black and white ads inside the comics and finally I can see the actual item and it is wonderfully awesome! Do you have the other ones too? I would love to see the complete set.

    • rich

      Hey frank_one, this one is so far the only one I’ve been able to track down. Hopefully some day I’ll get the others…hopefully I won’t have to pay what I did for this one though. 🙂

  4. MP

    This is so awesome! I remember having other TMNT iron ons as a kid, My Mom would always go out and buy me a fresh white tee and iron these on for me, too bad they wouldn’t last long after being washed a couple times, hahaha!

    • rich

      Cool stuff MP…all these old iron-ons (and not just TMNT) just never were a match for the washing machine 🙂

  5. tOKKa

    –>> Hey, Rick .. i made a bootleg shirt with this iron-on[ digitally created of coarse..

    ..maybe i can work sumin’ out with you and make you one.

    ~ t


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