Nickelodeon Badges and Comment Cards

When we got to the Nickelodeon TMNT Fan Event we received badges that had our names and identified which “Sewer” (Breakout Feedback Session) we were in.

Then the staff asked us to take some index cards and a pen to write down any questions we might have during the course of the day.  I grabbed a small handful but ended up using 3 or 4 to write questions on.  I have a few left so I’ll send one card each to the first 3 (non-event attenders) that leave a comment on this post.  Also, I couldn’t resist asking Rob Paulsen to sign the front of one of them.  😉

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  1. Donald V.

    I know Im way too late but jsut wanted to say how nice of you to do this. I have been a collector of TMNT since day 1, but not to the extent you have been looking at this blog. Its so cool looking at all the things that were out that I wasnt even aware of. Thanks for sharing!

    • rich rich

      Hey Donald, welcome to my blog. So glad you found it and are enjoying the collection. This is just a small snippet of the entire collection I assure you. I am working feverishly on the website that will showcase my entire collection but it’s just a hugely, massive task. However, it will be awesome.
      I wish I had picked up more of these cards from Nick as I would love to give more away to readers like yourself.
      Keep an eye on the blog for all sorts of cool stuff and info. to come. Also, feel free to follow me on Twitter so you don’t miss a thing. If you’re a fan of the comics then you’re in luck because that’s my passion.
      Take care and thanks for leaving a comment. Great to have you on board!

  2. Larry

    HEY looks like im number 3!. please post all you can on the show. THANKS

  3. Michele Ivey

    Congrats on getting to go to the event! It was really cool of Nick to do this for the fans.

    I’m interested in the index cards you mentioned for the first three to post 😉 Really wish I could of been there. Feel free to email me for my address.


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