“Non-Disclosure / Confidentiality Agreement”?

With what I revealed in my last post you’re all probably thinking, “What about the non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement you signed?”  Well, let me provide you a bit of information.

When each of us at the TMNT Fan Event were initially contacted by Nickelodeon one of the things that was required for all of us to be eligible was to return a signed release form.  This release was sent to us as an email attachment named “TMNT Confidentiality Release.”  Within the document was wording to the effect of “I agree not to photograph, record, etc.” any of the event itself and “I agree to be photographed, recorded, etc.”  In addition, all the photos, recording, opinions, etc. would be the exclusive property of Nickelodeon and could be used as they see fit.

In re-reading the language of the release, nowhere does it state that we are not permitted to share information we learned at the event.  I think where the waters got “muddied” was the requests from Nickelodeon staff members (prior to the event) that we all keep details about the event itself secret.  While it wasn’t really crystal clear to me at the time, it sure seemed like, after the event, they were going to allow us to share all that we saw and learned.  In fact, right before I left the gate of the Nickelodeon studios I asked the question, “What can we now share?”  The answer I received to that question was in direct contrast with what everyone else at the event was writing in their post-event blogs (i.e., claims that they could not share any detailed information).   To further this argument, for those of you at the event, think back to all the areas, places, and things they DIDN’T let us see.  They wouldn’t let us visit the Executive Producer’s office, remember?  He so badly wanted us to see his TMNT stuff but they wouldn’t allow it.  He had to bring some items to the Q&A to share instead.  Remember how we were accompanied by staff members in suits at all times?  I’d say they didn’t allow certain things because, while they did want to reveal a lot of great information, they clearly did not want us to learn everything.  They wanted to keep some thing under wraps and knew that the best way to do this was to control what we saw.

Now, given that we’ve all wanted to honor the commitment we made to Nickelodeon, I’d like to first commend all my fellow TMNT fanatics in attendance at the event for choosing to err on the side of caution in regards to what you’ve shared online thus far.  I’ve appreciated reading how you’ve all wanted to share so much but felt that you could not.  I could see it in your posts that you were just dying to share everything you learned (and I know I was too) and I know the rest of the TMNT community is dying to hear it.  So, well done, great job, and kudos all around.  Just another reason it was so great to have met all of you in person.  You’re all class acts and I’m proud to call you all my TMNT brothers and sisters!

Now, on to business.  All this confusion led me to contact Nickelodeon and ask for their ruling on the matter.  The big question…now that the event is over, did we really all sign a non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement that prevents us from sharing any of what was learned at the event?   Well, I’m pleased to announce (especially to ALL you awesome TMNT fans out there) that we did not!  We are free to share and blog about all the awesome stuff we saw and heard.  One condition to this is that Nickelodeon has asked that we ensure you all know that this is a “Mutation in Progress” and things can change.  A second condition is that we not state that any of the voice actors we heard and saw are “final cast” until that announcement is made by Nickelodeon.

So, without further adieu…share away my TMNT friends…share away!

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