Planned TMNT Collected Books (Trade Paperbacks) From IDW

We’re starting to hear a lot of great information from IDW about their plans to collect and re-issue all the legacy TMNT comics from Mirage, Archie, and Image.   This news broke over at the IDW Publishing Forums late last week but if you want a nice breakdown of the information, Roseangelo (of NinjaPizza fame) wrote up a nice little article that summarizes things.  For me, the best part about this news is that Bobby Curnow stated, “Essentially we’re looking to release everything…”  So cool.  A whole new generation of TMNT fans is in for a wild ride.

I’ve added these planned TPBs to a new section appropriately titled “PLANNED” in my “Upcoming TMNT Comics” list to the right.  There are no new TMNT releases for the new few weeks but stay tuned…I’m sure there will be some new covers or breaking TMNT news to share.

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