PREVIEWS May 2012 – IDW TMNT Solicitations for July 2012

Hey everyone!

A couple of months ago I posted an in-depth look at what’s behind comic book release dates.  In that post I referenced the PREVIEWS monthly publication from Diamond which is basically the comic industry’s order catalog.  The feedback I received was that many of you are either unfamiliar with the PREVIEWS publication altogether or have seen it but never purchased it or even looked inside.

In an effort to help you all get familiar with PREVIEWS (and to make it easier for you TMNT fans that already are familiar with PREVIEWS), I thought I would post this month’s IDW pages from PREVIEWS that solicit the TMNT books.

So, here they are…the 2 pages from the May issue of PREVIEWS (#284) that contain the IDW TMNT items planned for release in July.  Hope you enjoy!


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